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About Eagle Tactics

We offer a wide variety of classes to accommodate students of every level. Whether you’re a novice shooter that has never taken a formal class, or a professional that carries a firearm for a living, we have something to offer for everyone.

Vision. Accuracy. Speed.

Eagle-Tactics is owned and operated by active Law Enforcement Officers. At Eagle-Tactics, we strive provide up-to-date firearms and tactics training to law enforcement officers/agencies, military personal, and armed civilians.

Matt Adams

Owner / Instructor

Currently going on year 18 as a Law Enforcement Officer in Alabama. During his career, He has been fortunate to train and attend courses with several different Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal Agencies, Military, and Private Companies.

Alex Mestre


Mestre is a former US Army Ranger (75th Ranger Regiment 2003-2013) with 7 deployments (4 to Afghanistan and 3 to Iraq). Mestre is a current Law Enforcement Officer in Alabama and a SWAT team member (sniper) since 2015.

Matt Parks


Parks served in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Specialist for 8 years with 4 deployments (3 to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq). Parks is a current Law Enforcement officer in Alabama and a SWAT team member (sniper) since 2018.

Cold Start Drill

The Eagle Tactics Take Five Drill was designed to gauge the cold performance of shooters continually working towards developing and refining fundamental skills, allowing them to execute time, accuracy, and accountability standards while maintaining a safe training environment

Take Five Drill

The Eagle-Tactics Take Five Drill was designed to gauge the performance on demand of shooters using different time and distance standards. If a shooter successfully completes the Take Five Drill in a course, the shooter will earn a Take Five Coin.